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Vlad the Impaler

Vlad the impaler was a Wallachian prince who ruled during the Ottoman period. This was the period that Ottoman tried to take over the Eastern parts of Europe. Vlad had worked together with John Hunyandi to defend their lands from the Turkish who had invaded them.

Most people do not know that Vlad’s life was the inspiration for the famous paranormal mythical character, Dracula. Vlad was born in the 1400’s and was the second son of the then prince of Wallachia, Vlad Dracul. According to Wallachian laws, the country was not ruled by a king but by a prince. The prince was a part of the Order of the Dragon through which he got his name, Dracul. The group was made up of warlords and rulers of Slavic origins who swore to stand by the Christian faith and to also fight off the Turks from the Ottoman Empire. As a result of this, Wallachia was constantly at war.

Historians suspect that the first battle the young Vlad took part in, was the very one that saw him and his younger brother being captured. His younger brother, Radu the Handsome, and him were considered to be very valuable due to the fact that they were the sons of the prince. They were held captive by the Sultan of Mehemet.

After his sons’ capture, prince Vlad tried to bargain with the Turks for their release. However, this did not turn out well. The fact that he wanted to bargain was seen as an act of treason by John Huyandi who happened to hold the highest position in the Order of the Dragon. In anger, John sent assassins who killed prince Vlad and his first born son and Vlad’s eldest brother, Mihnea.

Back in Mehemet, the sultan was trying to convert Vlad and his brother to the Islamic religion. From it he wished to gain access to the Wallachian throne. Radu become a Muslim quite quickly but Vlad was relentless in giving up his Christian faith. After a while, Vlad seemed to give in and was set up as the ruler of Wallachia, but he wasn’t stupid and realized that the sultan only wanted to use him. A few months later he ran away and hid in nearby Moldavia while staying with Steven, his cousin and best friend.

Vlad came to the realization that the only way he would be able to defeat the Sultan is if he asked for help from the same man who killed his father, John Huyandi. It would be possible for the two to work together because the Sultan was their common enemy. Working together, they drove out Radu was put in place to rule Wallachia by the Sultan and Vlad became prince instead.

Historians deem that he was not a good ruler as he often killed people for no particular reason and would have them killed by impaling them, hence his famous name, Vlad the Impaler. Later on, he was captured and imprisoned only to marry his captor’s sister and become ruler of Wallachia once again.

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