Virgo (August 23 to September 23)

Virgo is the Virgin sign, and in many ways, the sign definitely reflects what Virgos tend to be like. Virgos are known for being modest, shy, and very sweet individuals. They often have a certain childlike quality about them that makes them both charming and adorable at the same time. Virgo women and men love to keep themselves and their homes neat and tidy.

Though they are childlike, they are still very mature in other ways. They are extremely dependable friends, and they are also very practical. Diligent workers, Virgos rarely ever have trouble landing a job that they desire. Because of the fact that they are dedicated and meticulous workers, they are excellent candidates for jobs that require a lot of attention to detail, such as software engineering. They are top tier scientists.

Romance seekers, handle Virgo with care! They are very soft hearted, and can easily get embittered by too many bad experiences. They are delicate and coy, and often have to be coaxed into showing emotion. Virgos are very charming individuals, and make great dates. As the name suggests, they are not promiscuous.

A typical Virgo is very health-conscious, and they make every effort to keep their lives as wholesome as possible. They detest anything toxic, and often shop at organic grocery stores for their food. This can sometimes be a bother for those who like to party hard and stay up late.

Their insistence upon perfection can be annoying at times, and their fussy behavior can make them hard to deal with in both work and personal fields. They often can be conservative in a variety of manners, which can make liberal folk upset.

Other people born as Virgos…

+Agatha Christie

+Mickey Mouse

+Joan Jett

+Arnold Palmer

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