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Time Warp

Time Travel and Aliens! Oh My!

In the year 2000, an individual who identified himself as John Titor began appearing on several Internet bulletin boards, claiming to be from the future. According to Titor, he decided to stop by in the year 2000 for personal reasons, but the target year for his time travel mission was actually 1985, where he was to obtain an old IBM computer in order to fix legacy computer problems in the future. We can only assume that time travel must be incredibly simple in John Titor’s future world. Traveling back in time to pick up old computer parts makes about as much sense as traveling to a 1985 Walmart in order to get some New Coke (Google “New Coke” if the reference is unfamiliar to you).

Is this how you would use a time machine? Let’s say that during the course of your time travels, you take care of the obvious things like manipulating the stock market, or taking a leap into the future to get the full-blown immortality treatment. With the “usual selfish needs” now out of your system, it may be time to become a tourist and begin exploring some of the more intriguing mysteries of the past, so that you can possibly answer some age-old questions. Below is my Top Ten List  (in no particular order) of what some of my destinations would be after the initial greed and self-preservation issues have been satisfied. It should come as no surprise that these items tend to have a paranormal slant.

1. The First Alien Contact with Earth

This may be a tricky one. There are tons of people who think that this will happen eventually in the future, but there are just as many people who think it has already happened. Either way, it would be cool to be there to witness the actual event. You just have to remember to keep an eye out for the Ancient Aliens.

2. Miracles

Religions around the world have one thing in common, and that is miracles. A miracle can be thought of as an event that involves some type of interruption of the laws of nature. Miracles usually defy logical explanation, and they are normally attributed to some type of divine or otherworldly power. It would be fascinating to have an opportunity to witness the miracles performed by Christ (or other prominent religious figures) in person.

3. The Roswell UFO Crash

The Roswell UFO crash is perhaps the most famous instance of alleged paranormal or extraterrestrial activity in modern recorded history. Whether you think it was an alien space craft or a weather balloon, it’s time to get some concrete answers; after all, it’s been nearly 70 years now. My plan is to go to Mac Brazel’s home and just ask to see what he found on his ranch that fateful night in July of 1947.

4. Pyramids

The Great Pyramid of Giza is probably the greatest and most phenomenal construction project ever completed. One of the most interesting aspects of its construction is that to this day, no one is still quite sure how it was done. Mainstream archaeology states that the Great Pyramid was constructed over a 20-year period. This sounds somewhat plausible at first glance until you take into account that this would involve carving, finishing, moving and installing 800 tons of stone a day. No wonder there are so many people who believe that there was more involved than just brute labor.

5. Cryptids

Cryptids are animals that many people claim to have seen but have not yet been proven to exist. Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster and North America’s Sasquatch are two of the most well-known examples. Since many reported sightings give an exact date and a narrow time range, it should be relatively easy to catch a glimpse of one of these elusive creatures.

6. Puma Punku

Puma Punku is a mysterious site in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia that contains the ruins of an ancient stone complex. The megalithic stones found at Puma Punku are some of the largest hewn stones on the planet, measuring up to 26 feet in length and weighing more than 100 tons apiece. The largest stone blocks at the site weigh a massive 317 tons each. Also worthy of mention is the astounding precision with which the blocks were constructed. Look out for aliens.

7. Aztec Sacrifices

Sure, it would be gory and frightening, but what a spectacle! Aztec sacrifices were dramatic and gruesome rituals that involved such pleasant practices as impalement and heart extraction, usually performed to please the gods. Must be careful to remain hidden; although the chances of being hailed as a god are good, so are the chances of being the next sacrifice! Could I be Quetzalcoatl, or is it just one of those pesky aliens again?

8. The JFK Assassination

The assassination of John F. Kennedy in November of 1963 is the center of a plethora of conspiracy theories. Make sure to keep one eye on the Texas School Book Depository, and the other on the grassy knoll for the other suspected gunman.

9. Machu Picchu

This is another ancient site that is a frequent breeding ground for ancient alien theories. The site is perched high on the crest of the mountain Machu Picchu in Peru, and was relatively unknown to the outside world until historian Hiram Bingham III publicly revealed his exploratory findings regarding the site in 1911. It is noted for its massive walls constructed of irregular-shaped stones, the complexity of which seems to defy rational explanation. The stones fit seamlessly together with no perceivable gaps, causing some to believe that they were somehow molded together. Again, look out for more ancient aliens.

10. Anunnaki

The Anunnaki were the primary gods of the Sumerian pantheon. Since we’re already on an ancient alien kick, maybe we should head back to ancient Sumer and find out whether the theories of Zecharia Sitchin were true after all. He proposed that the ancient Sumerian gods were in fact aliens, some kind of extraterrestrial species that could take on different shapes and appearances (i.e., “shape-shifters”). Seems plausible enough, doesn’t it?

That’s my list. Now that I think about it I bet Aliens had something to do with miracles, cryptids, and The JFK Assassination. Those aliens are just way too industrious.  Maybe that’s why the Hopi called them The Ant People.

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