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Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil

There have been numerous accounts of paranormal creatures and beings, one of them being the Jersey Devil. As with most otherworldly stories, some people receive it as the truth, while others are skeptics and believe it to be a mere fabricated story. The Jersey Devil goes way back to the days when Jersey was colonized by the British.

The legend involves Mrs. Jane Leeds who lived in Pine Barrens in Jersey. The family she came from was poor but nonetheless she was a mother to twelve children. When she found out she was pregnant with her thirteenth child, she said that the devil could take the child for all she cared. Apparently, she got what she wanted because as the baby was born, he turned out to be a monster. The monstrous child is said to have grown to 20 feet long, had the head of a horse, the body of a reptilian, wings of a bat and a fork shaped tail. He caused disturbances in the home for a while, after which it flew out and disappeared into the night. From that day forwards it began to terrorize the population of Pine Barren.

As more and more people found out about the creature, terror spread and even adult men refused to walk alone during the night. The creature is to have been in the habit of capturing livestock, geese, dogs, and cats on occasion, even children. Most of the remains of the animals were found; however, those of the children were never seen again.

In the year 1740, residents of the area had had enough of the terrorization of the creature and asked for help from a local minister. They hoped that the minister could help in banishing the creature. The minister claimed that the exorcism would last for a century. However, within the span of 100 years, the creature appeared twice.

Half a century later, it was Commodore Stephen Decatur who shot the creature, as legend has it. He was testing cannonballs when he saw a winged creature pass over him, and he aimed at it and shot it. Some people claim that the creature was hit, while others insist that it continued with its flight.

A couple of years later, there was another sighting. This was made by the King of Spain and the brother of Napoleon. He had rented out a house within distance of Bordertown for 23 years. It is said that the former King spotted the Jersey Devil while he was out hunting.

A hundred years after the minister exorcised the creature, it once again came back to terrorize the area. It began grabbing livestock as well as children who roamed alone after dark. People stopped venturing outside once it became dark and hung lanterns on their doors all in the hope that the creature would leave them alone.

Since then there have been numerous reports and sightings of the beast. Too many of them give accurate descriptions for them to be dubbed as hoaxes.

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