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The myth of The Dropa Stones is base on alleged alien relics left by a group of Aliens marooned on Earth. The tale of aliens living with humans in the distant past certainly is an incredible story. The author of this blog accepted this account because it seem to reference several different researchers that examined the artifacts. Sadly the account of the Dropa is a fabrication and none of it is true.

Despite the claims of Erich Von Daniken's book, “Chariots of the Gods” there is no record that the alleged discoverer Tsum Um Nui ever existed. The same is true for a number of names reference in the book including Cho Pu Tei, Ernst Wagener, Vyatcheslav Saizev, and Sergei Lolladoff.

The 1978 book “Sungods in Exile” gave an account of Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans exhibition to Tibet to study the artifacts. This appeared to lend credence to to the story. Then in 1988 the author David A. Gamon revealed in an interview in Fortean Times magazine that the book was fiction and that Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans was a fictional character.

As for the artifacts none have ever turned up. Almost all the photographs shown on the internet are what is known as Bi disk. A Bi disk is a circular jade disk with a hole in the center. These Chinese artifacts date to 3400-2250 BC. They are well under stood and have nothing to do with aliens or Dropa's.

All smoke and mirrors, but for those that refuse to believe the obvious you can read the original article below.

Original Article

It was in the year 1938 and archaeologists were carrying out a routine check on caves that were said to be interlocking with each other. Soon after, they discovered some graves that are neatly lined together and inside them are human remains. However, the remains showed that their heads were largely overdeveloped.

At first, the archaeologists thought they had come across a race of apes but that was soon ruled because apes do not bury their dead. Through further investigation some of them came across some discs that were slightly buried within the caves. They figured that the discs must have been formed during the Stone Age era. The stones also some weird characters and writings written on them and in the center of each of them was a hole. The characters didn’t make any sense. It was only after 20 years that Tsum Um Nui was able to decipher what they characters meant however, he was stopped from publishing his paranormal findings.

More stone discs were discovered in 1965. The writings on these particular discs told of how extraterrestrials from another planet came and crashed on earth. They meant no harm but they were mistaken for dangerous beings and were hunted down and killed by members of a Han tribe. The stones tell of how those extraterrestrials called themselves Dropas and that their ship crashed and was too damaged to be repaired.

The stones describe the extraterrestrials, as being extremely ugly and yellow skinned. They had small bodies with large heads. This very description matched the skeletal remains that were dug up near the caves. Inside the cave there had also been drawings of the earth, numerous stars, the sun and other heavenly bodies. The drawings showed them connected by lines of dots.

To date, it is said the caves still have people living in them, the Han and Dropas tribe. They are different in form as compared to the average human being. They are much smaller and frail looking. On average, they stand a mere 4-foot-2 inches in height. They have little to no hair on their bodies and have big eyes.

A couple of years later, another professor chose to conduct his own experiments on the stones and he did come up with some rather peculiar facts. When studied closely, the stones were found to be made up of high concentrations of cobalt and other metals. What’s strange about this is that these metals are usually too hard for anyone to carve out of hands. This made it even harder to presume that the characters were also written onto the same stones, in miniature form.

The discs were also found to be giving off some an electrical charge. This meant that at some point during their existence, they had been used as electrical conductors. Questions will always surround the Dropa stones and their people. People will forever wonder whether this race from another world really landed on earth or if it were simply a myth.


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