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Taurus (April 21 to May 21)

“Down to earth” best describes Taureans in a nutshell. This astrological sign is known for common sense, a very stable way of life, and a very easy-to-please heart. A typical Taurus person will be just as happy going on a hike as they will be going out to dine at a fine restaurant. They are big into “Earthly” pleasures, and are not afraid to say so. Because of this, they tend to be interested in all things financial, and will make a huge effort when it comes to providing for themselves and their family.

Taureans are great romantic partners, mainly because of their very loving and warm natures. They are likely to express how much their partners mean to them, and they also will expect the same amount of devotion that they give. Their determined nature also means that they will be persistent when pursuing a romantic possibility. To put it simple, you’ll know if a Taurus man or woman is interested! They have an above average libido, and are quite sensual.

Their practical natures, along with their hard work, often make Taureans a favorite among employers. Taurus men and women often like to work with their hands, and tend to choose jobs that allow them to move around, build, and create. Among other great work qualities, Taurus men and women are very methodical and detail-oriented. Taurean patience also makes for an excellent banker or beureaucrat, since they are very even tempered.

As far as friendships go, it’s hard not to want to be friends with a Taurus sign. Their mellow, calm, and friendly demeanor makes it easy to befriend them. Since they are also known for having common sense, it’s usually a good idea to ask Taurean friends for advice on pressing matters. Taurus friends also can give great advice when it comes to matters of finance and careers.

Be forewarned – when dealing with a Taurus sign, you should never push them too hard, or demand things right now. They thrive on patience and can get very upset if they are feeling rushed. They can also get greedy, or possessive of people and things that they enjoy. It’s not unusual for a Taurus to feel like they have been taken advantage of due to their good nature, even if this is not the case.

Other people who are Taurus signs:


+George Carlin

+Karl Marx

+Shirley Temple

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