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Who Were the Annunaki?


The Annunaki (also referred to as the Annunaku or Annuna) are a collective of dieties attributed primarily to the ancient Sumerian culture of Mesopotamia, although similar references exist in the writings of the ancient Akkadian, Babylonian and Syrian cultures as ...

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Brain’s Big Bang

Brains Big Bang

The Brain’s Big Bang or The Great Leap Forward is a term used to describe something remarkable that appears to have occurred approximately 50,000 years ago. Suddenly overnight in evolutionary time a psychic explosion occurred bringing with it language, art, ...

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Zecharia Sitchin


The distant past is shrouded in mystery. What paranormal secrets lie hidden at the dawn of time – gods, mankind’s development, perhaps even extraterrestial activity? Zecharia Sitchin combined all three in his proposed explanation for human origins – an explanation ...

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