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Open Your mind Illuminati

Open Your mind

Literally, Illuminati means “the enlightened ones” or “an individual who is illuminated. The order of Illuminati is a secret society that was created by Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776. It was originally created to oppose prejudice, superstition, and religious ...

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legend of the Utsuro-bune

drawing of the Utsuro-bune by Kyokutei Bakin (1825)

The Japanese legend of the Utsuro-bune (“hollow ship”) is claimed by ufologists as one of the earliest recorded close encounters of the third kind in existence. This legend is detailed in an early nineteenth-century document known as “Hyouryuukishuu” (translated “Tales ...

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Agartha Entrance Antarctica

One of the most fascinating ideas brought forward from ancient times is the concept of a hidden world existing underneath the surface of the Earth. Agartha (also referred to as Agharti, Agartta or Agarttha) is arguably the most popular version ...

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The Hellfire Club

The Limerick Hellfire Club by James Worsdale, 1740

“Fais ce que tu voudras” or “do what thou wilt” was the powerful motto of an elite group known as the Hellfire Club. This notorious secret society was set up to make mockery of the puritanical ways that were so ...

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Who is Lilith?

john collier lilith Detail

Do you know that Adam had a first wife and her name is Lilith? Most of us are familiar with the story of creation as told in the Bible. In the holy book, God first created man then when He ...

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Vril Society


The Vril Society is an alleged secret society many believe gave birth to the Nazi Party. The World War II era was a time when many mysteries were created, when no one was really sure whether or not the rumors ...

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