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Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

In some ways, people never know what to expect from a Scorpio…at least if they look at the sign’s animal. Despite the fact that Scorpios have a scorpion as their zodiac animal, they are actually quite sensitive individuals. They are known for being family people, and often have very large families. Scorpio women make excellent mothers, and defend their children with all their might.

Even though they love to have families, Scorpios treasure their independence. They never give up on their goals, and they love to remain unfettered by rules. They make top notch businessmen, surgeons, and lawyers because of their natural love of achievement. It’s easy to see why they are often in positions of power.

When it comes to friends, you’re not going to find a more loyal, compassionate, and dynamic pal than a Scorpio. They are often very observant and can provide insight into issues that most others would not be able to detect. Because of their ability to observe, they are also good puzzle solvers.

Scorpios are natural charmers, and have a way of getting people to understand where they are coming from. This makes them excellent salesmen. Be careful, though! Scorpios can also be quite manipulative at times, and though their skills at manipulating people are often used for everyone’s benefit, this isn’t always the case. They can also get power hungry.

Romantically and sexually, Scorpios are extremely passionate. They are the most sexual out of all the signs. Their biggest turn off? Insincerity.

With Scorpios, it seems like the problems that arise is because they are too good with their observation and people skills. Because they are very observant, they can often become suspicious, even when there is no reason to be suspect. They can also get obsessive at times.

Others who are born Scorpios…

+Martin Luther

+Paul Simon

+Marie Curie

+Emily Post

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