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The subject of cryptozoology impossible to discuss without mention of a giant, hairy, manlike creature spotted roaming parts of the world that goes by the name of Sasquatch, Bigfoot and the Yeti. These sightings have been investigated to find out if this elusive creature is in fact real or just an elaborate hoax. Scientists are open to the possibility that an elusive ape can be living in the wild and going undetected for all these years. They bring to the table the recent discovery of new species of apes in the rain forest that were only discovered a few years ago. But with the latest advances in technology, many amateurs are catching what appears to be a huge ape-like creature walking the forests and mountains with their cameras and video equipment.

Sasquatch has been a very hot topic as of lately, with many television shows taping expeditions into the wild to catch actual proof of the creature. In the great Northwest, there are weekend trips deep into the forest to try and uncover footprints, hair samples, sound recordings or actual videotape of the Bigfoot in the wild. Skeptics claim if there was a nine foot hairy ape walking on two feet in the forest of Washington State, why have there never been any bones or a body discovered all these decades later. Scientists are quick to respond that people today bury their dead, and this may in fact be why the Bigfoot is so elusive. The beast may bury the dead much like we do.

Because of the increased hoaxes of Sasquatch, it is getting increasingly difficult to discern between authentic and actual videotape of the beast. People have been making fake footprints and creating bogus videos for years. The Sasquatch industry has become a very profitable one, and that attracts people to do just about anything to get a piece of that Bigfoot money.

The Bigfoot story really grabbed the national spotlight back in 1967 when Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin reported they had captured a purported Sasquatch on film at Bluff Creek, California. That film is still being debated by skeptics, as the most substantial piece of evidence to yet come from an actual Sasquatch. Scientists have been trying to uncover if there really is an elusive beast roaming the globe undiscovered all this time later. They examine foot prints, hair samples, saliva samples, scat remains, and video and sound recordings supposedly made by the Sasquatch.

Depending on which side of the fence you fall with respect to believing in the Sasquatch, recent discoveries make the case stronger on each side. While the skeptics continue to believe that without a body, bones or actual physical proof of the beast, that they will never truely believe such a creature can or ever has existed. The believers say that overwhelming evidence is presented almost daily in the quest to uncover proof of the beast. Recently, an expedition for the Sasquatch in the Himilayian Mountains uncovered a unique hair sample that were found on a tree. It appeared some creature was scratching or rubbing itself along the bark of the tree trunk. When the hair was analyzed and compared to thousands of known animals, the sample came back as an unknown animal source yet to be discovered. Footprint evidence is know being discovered that shows small ridges and grooves in the toes similar to those of human fingerprints.

With all the evidence that is being brought to the attention of scientists around the world, it is only a matter of time before we either prove inconclusively that the Sasquatch is in fact a real creature. The advances in testing have only helped eliminate all the hoxes more quickly, leaving the experts with excellent samples to analyze for the possibility of finding Sasquatch.

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