Roanoke Croatoan


You may or may not have heard about the Lost Colony of Roanoke. It is a popular story and there have even been some paranormal movies that make a mention of it, or use it as their theme. The whole of the Roanoke Village is said to have been the first English settlement to have settled on American soil. Their governor’s was John White. Once they arrived, the people often complained about their not having food or supplies. In addition to that, they also feared that they may be in nature due to their not being welcomed by the Natives, whom they thought were planning a surprise attack on them.

Because of the pressure of the complaints, White left for England and returned only after 3 years. What he found of the village was not how he had left it. The whole area in which they town had stood was bare save for a few scattered things here and there. There were no houses or any forms of shelter whatsoever. There were several small cannons and a beat down fence. On one of the fence posts was the word ‘Croatoan’.

Since that disappearance, there have been several theories that have been put forward to explain the disappearance of the Roanoke village;

They simply left the village

By far, this looks like the most possible theory. It is more than likely that the villagers went to live in a nearby bay. They may have needed to use the material they had used to build their house to built boats and canoes. After 20 years, John Smith arrives with his settlers and interacts with the natives who admit to killing the settlers because they took their land. The leader of the land did indeed say that he ordered the killing of the settlers to prevent any others from coming to settle on their land.

They were killed by a disease

This theory is highly unlikely due to the fact that the disease could not have wiped out the houses too. Also if it were a disease, there would’ve been bodies, however, there were none found. And the houses were gone too.

They were wiped out by a severe storm

This is an unlikely theory due to the fact that it would be impossible for a storm to wipe out an entire village of people and houses and leave behind the fence. If it were so, the fence would not have remained standing.

They decided to leave Roanoke Island to go and live with the Natives

This theory is very possible. This is because the name Croatoan, which was carved onto the fence post, is the name of an island that was nearby. It is more than likely that the settlers decided to go and live with the Croatoans. There has been no evidence to support this theory, however, there has been no evidence against it either.

The colonists were killed by the Natives

By far this is the most likely theory. There had been original settlers who had tried to settle down in Roanoke so when the others came to check on how they had done, they found no one and a dead body. This proves that it is possible that they natives had enough time to kill the settlers and demolish the building.

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