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Reincarnation refers to a paranormal rebirth process. It means that after death, people will again go through rebirth process. It also contains a believe that one can again come in different shapes and creatures, like people can be animal, plant, or human beings, depending on their karmas in previous life.

The concept of reincarnation is often seen in the ghost stories and paranormal activities, and many movies have been made using the same concept.

There are many religions, who believe on reincarnation process. Some of them are Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhist and Sikhism. People from these religions strongly believe on rebirth/ reincarnation process. They believe that every living person on world must go through reincarnation after death, and his/her soul comes again in a different shape.

Concept of reincarnation is very old. Its origin was start from the Iron Age then in different regions and ages like Greek Celtic Druids, Vedic philosophy and Indians promote and changes the concept of reincarnation process. Due to different cultural affects, teachings and philosophy of ages its concept revolutionized.

Now days many Europeans and North Americans make films on reincarnation process its affects on normal living standards and its relation with different religions. Many modern writers also wrote books and articles on topic of reincarnation and rebirth process. Many different researches were made on reincarnation. Songs, dramas, films, theater dramas were also made on the concept and origin of reincarnation. These things also promote rebirth knowledge among people.

Now there can be a question that the concept of reincarnation is true or not? As there are some people who claim that they know about their previous life, but mostly it consisting of their imaginations. To know about this fact deeply, people should know about concept/ realities of life. There are two realities in life, one is called objective, which is true for every person that is the reality that is 100% true and reliable for all people. The second one called relative reality, which is different for each and every person. That is why due to these realities the concept of reincarnation can vary from person to person.

There are also some sects from different religions, who do not believe on reincarnation. They have a faith on only one life of a person. They do not contain any historical teachings or records that were discussed about reincarnation in their religions.

So according to different religions teachings and concept, for some people the rebirth process is true and for some there is no reincarnation process. Modern science and young generation also do not believe on reincarnation. Mostly people do not take any interest in this topic. Only people who want to gain some knowledge or who are very close to their religion teachings explore and research in this area of field. But we can’t neglect that there are lots of people who have strong believe on reincarnation. They want to do good deeds in their life, so that they can come again in a better shape at a better place. They spend their all life actions and take decisions, which are according to rebirth/ reincarnation.

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