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Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

The soft souls of the Zodiac, Pisces people are known for being soft hearted and incredibly creative. Poets, musicians, actresses and actors all often belong to this gentle sign. A water sign, Pisceans have a tendency to be very malleable and open minded, sometimes to the point that people question their sanity. They are very easygoing, relaxed, and submissive in nature. It’s very hard to anger a Piscean.

As the “creative sign” of the Zodiac, Pisces people usually like to express themselves creatively in one form or another. Sometimes it’s through music, other times it’s through paint, or the written word. Whatever it may be, the average Pisces person needs to have an outlet for all their creativity. It should be noted that Pisceans are daydreamers, and often appear like they have their “head in the clouds”.

Highly adaptive, most Pisceans prefer to adapt to situations rather than confront obvious problems in their life. This makes it easy for them to work with situations that most people would find intolerable. Their caring nature often makes it easy for them to find work in the health, nursing, or teaching fields.

When it comes to romance, it’s important to treat a Pisces individual with a lot of care. Sexually, they are delicate, and at times almost asexual. Most of the romantic action that they prefer is mental or emotional, and they need to be told that they are loved very frequently. Pisces women and men love to cuddle at night.

They make loyal, caring, and very understanding friends. Sadly, because of their extremely generous nature, they are often taken advantage of. Though not exactly party animals, a typical Pisces individual will be more than happy to spend one-on-one quality time with a friend. They are excellent companions during hard times. Humor-wise, Pisces men and women adore the ridiculous.

Be careful with your Pisces friends, because they can get oversensitive and mopey at times. They are also known for being wishy-washy, timid, and pedantic at times.

Pisceans make excellent artists, nurses, doctors, and spiritual mediums.

Other people who are born Pisceans:


+The Notorious BIG


+Spike Lee


+Chelsea Clinton


+John Updike




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