Time Travel and Aliens! Oh My!

Time Warp

In the year 2000, an individual who identified himself as John Titor began appearing on several Internet bulletin boards, claiming to be from the future. According to Titor, he decided to stop by in the year 2000 for personal reasons, ...

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The Illuminati

Detail from Dollar bill

Literally, Illuminati means “the enlightened ones” or “an individual who is illuminated. The order of Illuminati is a secret society that was created by Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776. It was originally created to oppose prejudice, superstition, and religious ...

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Agartha Entrance Antarctica

One of the most fascinating ideas brought forward from ancient times is the concept of a hidden world existing underneath the surface of the Earth. Agartha (also referred to as Agharti, Agartta or Agarttha) is arguably the most popular version ...

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The Flying Dutchman


The sea and the souls it captures form the basis of many haunting tales. One such tale that you may be aware of is “The Flying Dutchman”, the ship cursed to sail endlessly, never docking and never gaining reprieve from ...

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The Mysterious Jinn

Jinn Efreet

The image of the genie in a bottle has become pervasive in popular culture, but few recognize the actual mythical origin of such characters. Very different from the fairy tale representation that Disney gave them, the jinn are creatures made ...

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Bob Lazar


Bob Lazar has been the subject of much controversy and speculation in the paranormal community. According to Lazar’s assertions, he supposedly worked with extraterrestrial technology by reverse-engineering UFOs at a top secret site known as S4 (Sector Four), close to ...

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