Island of the Dolls

Island of Dolls

The Island of the Dolls (Spanish: La Isla de la Munecas) is located among a grid-like network of canals near Xochimico, roughly 13 miles south from the heart of Mexico City. This small dark and harrowing island is considered by ...

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Legend of the Crying Squonk


Often referred to as "the world's ugliest animal", the mythical creature known as the squonk occupies a unique place within the annals of American folklore. While most creatures that have been studied and/or searched for by cryptozoologists are often reported ...

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Don Decker “Rain Man”


The Don Decker “Rain Man” case sounds like something from an X-Files episode. Yet something inexplicable like the X-Files happened that would forever remain in the memories of the handful of people that bore witness to the events that occurred. ...

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Vimanas: Ancient Spacecraft?


In the ancient Vedic literature of India, there are scores of detailed descriptions of various flying machines generally known as vimanas. These mysterious devices can be found in many of the ancient Indian Epics, and strikingly detailed information regarding the ...

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Val Johnson UFO Incident

Val Johnson UFO

One of the most baffling paranormal experiences ever reported was the Val Johnson UFO incident that took place in Minnesota in the early hours of the morning on August 27, 1979, between 1:00-2:00 am. What makes this particular UFO incident ...

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Socorro UFO Encounter


The Socorro UFO Encounter was considered by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Blue Book’s scientific adviser, to be the Rosetta Stone of UFO cases. This UFO event was characterized by a close-encounter sighting of Lonnie Zamora, a Socorro policeman, and physical ...

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