Anneliese Michel

An exorcism is the religious practice of removing demons or other possessing spirits from a person or place. Ridding someone of a diabolic possession is not always an easy process, but many believe it is necessary for the safety of ...

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Ghost Lights

Paulding Light

Ghost lights, also know as earth lights or spook lights, normally are spherical in shape and vary in color with the most common being white but pale blue and red are also quite common. The lights have been observed on ...

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Saint Germain

St Germain

The Count of Saint Germain was a prominent figure in European high society in the mid 1700s. This controversial figure was regarded by many of his peers as the keenest of philosophers and ridiculed by others as charlatan. What is ...

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Cash Landrum UFO Incident

Landrum family

What could possibly be more mundane than a grandmother and her friend looking for a Bingo game? But sometime incredible event have such beginnings and so started the chain of events that would culminate I the controversial UFO encounter known ...

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Old Hag Syndrome

John Henry Fuseli The Nightmare

Have you ever experienced had a dream, most likely a nightmare, and suddenly felt paralyzed unable to move, defend, or flee? Then you may be suffering from Old Hag syndrome! The name of the syndrome comes from an old myth ...

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John Titor Time Traveler

Time Machine Schematic

With a time machine in the trunk of a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette and predictions of nuclear fallout and civil war within the united states; John Titor appeared on an internet message board in the year 2000 and quickly got peoples ...

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