Deja vu

Deja Vu

Most people have experienced Deja vu at some point in their lives, that eerie feeling that something in their life has repeated.  Perhaps it is an image, or a conversation, or a book that causes that feeling that this has been ...

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Black Eyed Kids

Black Eye Kid

For many years, there have been lots of stories reported to have seen or heard strange behavior, related to the paranormal. From UFO’s and alien encounters to ghouls and ghostly activity, many people spend their lives searching for answers to ...

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America’s First UFO Sighting?

John Winthrop

John Winthrop is quite famous for being the second governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. His writings and actions were powerful during the development of colonial New England, and he had great influence on the governing and religious standards that ...

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Imagine a disease that causes its victims to have the sensation of something crawling and biting them under their skin,  skin lesions that erupt spontaneously, and having them form a film that keeps the from healing. Mysterious blue, black, or ...

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Nina Kulagina Cold War Psychic

Nina Kulagina

Nina Kulagina may not be a familiar name to many but during the 1960s it was name heard often in the U.S. Defense and Intelligence community. Her alleged psychokinetic powers prompted the U.S. to not only to engage the U.S.S.R ...

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Universal pendulum A

Dowsing is an ancient practice akin to what we now call divination. It has also been called water witching, doodlebugging, and many other names over the years since its creation, though the exact age of the practice is unknown. The ...

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