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Naga Fireballs

The Naga Fireballs also known as the Mekong lights are probably the the most impressive example of Ghost Lights. The Naga Fireballs appear to be reddish in color and appear originate from the Mekong River and then shoot high into the air before vanishing. The Naga Fireballs range from the size of the sparkles to that of soccer balls. The number reported observed in a night covers the span of 0ne or two to thousands. Skeptics have claimed that the Naga Fireballs represent nothing more than tracer fire from bullets. The idea that the Naga Fireballs are tracer fire conjures up the image of an elite combat divers tasked with swimming up and down the Mekong River and randomly firing off tracer rounds from the river. More on Ghost Lights Here.

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