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Leo (July 23 to August 22)

Brave, lionhearted, and strong, Leos are known as a sign that can take on anything without having to worry too much about it. They are enthusiastic, dynamic, and love to take on new project whenever they can. They love to expand projects that they are already working on, and are quite frequently viewed as visionaries among peers.

Natural leaders, they are frequently found in management positions, finance positions, and political roles. They are generous, and often act “larger than life” among friends, colleagues, and family alike. They are generally known for throwing great parties, and are the talk of the town. Most of all, in any business venture, Leos are known for craving powerful positions, prestige, and money. They love to be in control.

Leos typically use their big personalities for the benefit of everyone around them. They love to give to charity, and often are heads of charity organizations. Courageous enough to speak up for the little guy, Leos are excellent friends for those who often feel like underdogs. They are great people to bring to parties, as well. When it comes to friends, Leos are very virtuous.

Romantically, you can’t get too much more ardent than a Leo. Leo men have a tendency for “machismo,” while Leo women are known of being very protective of those who they love. They are excellent marriage partners, and always keep fun in the relationship. Leo partners are also prone to showering their lovers with gifts. They will often “peacock” in order to attract the opposite sex, and are quite loud about their intentions. Leos are very sexual, and it’s not uncommon to hear of that lust getting them in a bit of trouble.

It’s important to remember that Leos can get very self-centered, and can also be quite manipulative when they want something. It’s not uncommon to hear that they have become boors. At the very worst, Leos can be extremely unpleasant to hang out with, or to even be near.

Others who are born Leos…

+Amelia Earheart

+Peter O’Toole

+Magic Johnson

+Bill Clinton

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