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Gemini (May 22 to June 21)

Gemini are known for being “of two minds.” They have a hard time making up their minds, but once they have decided upon a route, they will charge for it.  Because of the fact that Gemini often can see the good in both sides of an argument, they are very adaptable, and often have a very optimistic attitude about life in general. This versatility expands to every part of their lives.

Excellent communicators, the empathic Gemini can get anyone to listen to what they have to say. They make top notch negotiators in almost any field, and can make people understand exactly why they feel one way or another. They are great authors, advertisers, and diplomats, mainly because of the fact that they are so eloquent. A typical Gemini will also have a knack for witty conversation.

Lively, and always excellent to talk to, a Gemini normally has plenty of friends. They are also known for loving to indulge in Earthly pleasures – food, drink, clubbing, and love. This often leads to very packed schedules. Because of the fact that they often have a hard time figuring out what they want to do, they can be inconsistent and unreliable, and even superficial at times. However, they are great people to turn to when it comes to advice on negotiation.

Gemini are individuals who love to get what they want, especially in romance. Known for pouting if they don’t attain their desires, Gemini can be a little bit of a handful. They love attention, and often are quite flirtacious. Be careful, Gemini, because you have a tendency to have a wandering eye! If you want to have a Gemini spouse, make sure that you can provide them with the attention that they need.

Gemini are also known for being prone to mischief. The Twins can also be very nervous at times.

Other people who are born Gemini…

+Marylin Monroe

+Donald Trump

+Boy George

+Vincent Price

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