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El Chupacabra

EL Chupacabra

For cryptozoologists, it’s hard to believe that there was a time when the chupacabra was a term that was completely unknown to the paranormal community. However, the chupacabra, also known as the “goat sucker,” is actually a very modern phenomenon. Modern as it might be, it has yet to be explained by science, or caught by those who hunt it.

The first real sighting of El Chupacabra was recorded in 1995 in Puerto Rico. In its earliest attack, this unusual creature killed over half a dozen sheep. Soon after, a female witness claimed that she saw a monster in an area that recently had over 150 cat and dog deaths. All of the sheep, and many of the area’s pets, were completely drained of blood, with only a couple of puncture marks to show as a cause of death.

The witness was obviously very shaken. She described it as a creature with large black eyes, grey skin, spines on its back, and a dog-like face. One of the strange things about the chupacabra is that the descriptions that people give of it tend to vary. Most people who have seen the chupacabra mention that it seems alien in appearance, and some have even likened it to some of the drawings by HR Giger. A forked tongue and large, pointed fangs are also frequently noted by the poor folk who have seen it. In a few cases, people have said that its eyes glow in the dark!

Since its original sighting in Puerto Rico, more and more people have come forth and stated that they have seen it roaming their farmlands. It spread from Puerto Rico to places as distant as Maine. Still, most of the sightings that occur that deal with the chupacabra are in South America. This would suggest that chupacabras do not do well in cold weather.

What makes the mystery so bizarre is that no one knows where these creatures come from. Corpses of farm animals that are drained of blood continue to pop up all over the Americas, and people continue to spot these strange animals, but no one has an explanation as to what they are, or where they came from. This has lead to a slew of different theories when it comes to the origin of the chupacabra.

A popular theory when it comes to el chupa’s origin states that the creature was a US government experiment gone horribly, horribly wrong. People have stated that it is an alien-animal hybrid that escaped a lab in Puerto Rico. The fact that its appearance is so alien definitely makes it a compelling statement for many people.

Another theory that many UFOlogists favor says that the goat sucker happens to be purely alien in nature. This often leads to more questions than it does answers. For instance, if it was an alien, how did it get here?

Skeptics are not so quick to make the jump to the incredible. There have been many cases in which a supposed chupacabra was caught or killed, only to have it end up being a dog with a very severe case of mange. Other skeptics maintain that el chupacabra is just a figment of people’s imagination, and that it was inspired by the artwork of Giger. There is evidence both for and against this theory. The movie Species definitely had a creature that resembled a chupacabra, and the first witness did see the movie prior to the terrifying event. However, it’s hard to imagine that a figment of the imagination would be capable of draining the blood of so many animals. The origin, as well as the biological mystery, of the chupacabra is only going to be solved when one is captured alive.

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