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Cancer (June 22 – July 23)

Cancers are quite interesting people, indeed! They are emotional, and loving people, but the fact is that they are also known for being quite cautious when it comes to meeting new people or trusting people in general. You could say that they like to keep a “shell” around them. Shy, but not too shy, Cancers are very sweet people. Once you have a Cancer for a friend, you will have them for life. They are also very protective of friends and family. Still, they do enjoy being solitary at times.

When it comes to matters of work, the intuition that is associated with Cancer signs often is what guides them. Artistic, imaginative, and almost always avant garde, Cancers do very well in any field that requires them to think outside the box. They are known for being great advertisers, actors, and script writers. They are also very shrewd businessmen, and are capable of making very good contracts for clients.

In matters of love, Cancer signs need to have a partner that is nurturing, warm and understanding. This watery sign is very sentimental, and very touchy-feely at times. They treasure time with their loved ones, and will do anything to please their mates. They appreciate sentimental gifts such as scrapbooks and mix tapes. They need a lot of attention and can get moody or clingy if they feel neglected. They are very sensual, loyal people.

One thing that stands out among Cancerians is that they have a very, very good memory. They can usually recall things in great detail, especially if it is an emotional memory. However, this can lead to some issues when it comes to letting go of the past. It isn’t uncommon for Cancers to be clingy to memories, or even diagnosed with PTSD. Do not betray a Cancer – they will never forget it!

Cancers can be moody and overemotional at times. They can be untidy, and they often have a hard time holding down a job. Because of this, it can be very hard for them to feel stable, or to be financially stable at all, for that matter.

Other people who are Cancer signs…

+King Henry VIII

+Ginger Rogers

+Bill Cosby

+John Glenn

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