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Aries (March 21 to April 20)

Known as the most energetic and headstrong of the zodiac, Aries is a sign that has many, many good qualities about it. Most of the qualities that people associate with those born under the Aries signs translate into success in life, such as enthusiasm and energy. They are known for sticking with a goal until it is finished, which is why many of them are known to “keep charging” whenever they run into an obstacle. Aries are also known for getting into management positions due to the fact that they prize their abilities in the field of leadership.

When it comes to their social lives, Aries are quite popular. They are known for having very sharp wits, and also for being dynamic. They are very loyal friends, and also are known for being extremely honest with their friends. If you are friends with a ram, you will automatically know where you stand with them. They are generous with their possessions, and are open about how they feel on many different subjects. Aries men and women are both great athletes, and often like a challenge when it comes to a friendly competition.

Romantically speaking, having an Aries by your side can be a treat! They are known for their high sex drives, their fiery passion for their lovers, and also their ability to make anything romantic. The adventurous streak that Aries have often translates into sexual adventures as well. They are quick to fall in love, and they fall HARD. Sadly, because of these wild tendencies, they tend to marry the wrong person way too quickly, or they may turn into the neighborhood Lothario.

In almost all walks of life, Aries people are forceful. They are ready to “go out and do it,” no matter what the “it” may be. Adventures, great nights out, and competitions all get Aries riled up and asking for more.

Beware – Aries individuals have a tendency to get insulted at the drop of a hat. This may lead them to become argumentative, overly aggressive, impulsive, or just plain selfish. Sometimes, you have to tell your Aries friends when they are out of line. They cannot stand admitting that they have failed, and they hate having to live by other peoples’ rules.

Aries make good doctors, engineers, CEO’s, and politicians.

Other people who are Aries –

+Hugh Hefner

+Charlie Chaplin

+Doris Day

+David Letterman

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