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Aquarius (January 21 to February 19)

If there is one thing that most people would agree about Aquarians, it’s that they are excellent friends. Known throughout the mystic world for their natural loyalty, friendliness, and humanitarian nature, Aquarius folks are great friends for just about every occasion. They are open with friends and strangers alike, and are not judgmental. They are also known for their fairness, and for their innate ability to be the life of a party.

Because of the fact that they care about the wellbeing of humanity in general, most people who are under the Aquarius sign have a cause that they enjoy fighting for. They might volunteer once in a while for a favorite organization like Habitat for Humanity, or they might actually work for one of these organizations as their way of making income. Either way, they are very passionate about making a change in the world.

Aquarians are also staunch intellectuals who love to find out the answers to the many mysteries of life. They are often so curious about these subjects that they pursue degrees in fields such as science, math, physics, biology, and philosophy. They are admirable when it comes to all things academic, and excel when it comes to finding out the answers to puzzles. Aquarians also enjoy puns.

Romantically, Aquarians are known for being very devoted lovers who will do anything to make sure that their partner is happy. Aquarius folk are also known for having very high standards, making them demanding but giving love interests. They do not forgive deception easily, simply because it’s very easy to take advantage of their faithful nature.

Unfortunately, Aquarians are also known for being eccentric to the point of awkward, and are also known for being overly emotional. When put under too much pressure, Aquarians have a tendency to retreat from their regular lives into a dream world of their own. It should also be noted that Aquarians have a very bad temper problem, and are also known to hold grudges.

Other people who are born under the sign of Aquarius:

+Jackie Robinson

+Alice Cooper

+Charles Darwin

+Humphrey Bogart


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