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Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens

One of the biggest technological feats of the 20th century was watching the lunar landing. Listening to the voices of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and other famous astronauts as they traversed the moon’s surreal landscape for the first time was a milestone. It was a first for humanity, and it is one that will remain in history forever.

Or was it?

Some of the more notable authors of 20th century paranormal studies books examined the possibility of ancient aliens, and the fact is that they did make a very interesting case for the subject. However, the astronauts that they spoke of may not have necessarily been human.

There are two main theories when it comes to ancient aliens. One school of thought is that humanity did go on the moon prior to the lunar landing, and that many of the drawings that have been cited as evidence were the only historical records left after a major societal collapse. This isn’t the most common school of thought on ancient aliens, though. The most common theory that focuses on the possibility of space travelers during ancient times focuses on the possibility that they may have been extraterrestrial.

The truth is that there is some religion-based circumstantial evidence that would lead one to believe that there may have been some space travel at one point prior to our current society’s endeavors. There have been religious texts in almost every major civilization that talk about people who come from the skies and teach them how to become an advanced or moral civilization. The Bible has the Book of Ezekiel, the Book of Genesis, and the Book of Enoch. The Hindu religion has the Ramayana, which expounds on everything from ancient airships to gods coming from the sky.

Ancient artwork, older than written history, have also lent credibility to the theory of ancient aliens. There have been many cases in which archeologists have found cave paintings that resemble scenes between astronauts and humans. In one case, there was a creature that appeared to be what we would now call a “grey alien” consulting with human hunters.

Some of the megalithic sculptures that dot Earth’s landscape have also had archeologists scratching their brains. To this day, historians are unable to explain how many of the massive stone sculptures could have been created with Stone Age technology. Sites like Stonehenge, Puma Punka, and the giant Moai statues of Easter Island often are construed to be done with technology that could not have possibly existed at the time of their creation. Could it be that ancient aliens had a hand in making these giant sculptures?

Lastly, there is also the question of ancient artwork that would take an airplane in order to view. The world-famous Nazca lines were created thousands of years ago. These lines form unique, giant designs that can only be visible from thousands of feet in the air. Why would a civilization create artwork that they could never actually see or admire? This riddle continues to plague archeologists and historians.

What would it take to solve the mystery of ancient aliens? Did ancient extraterrestrials come to visit our lonely planet in the times of the birth of civilization? Perhaps we misjudged the technological advancements of our own species. One thing is for sure, this is a mystery that will take a lot of proof in order to answer all the questions it raises once and for all.

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