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What is it?
Oddxtreme is simply my place to collect and write about all the odd and unusual topics I find interesting.

Oddx.com has no wish to intrude on your privacy. We have no wish to log or record any of your private information. The site does use cookies as an anti spam device but not for tracking.

All articles are copyrighted by Oddx.com. The images on this site were either obtained from public domain sources or were created for Oddx.com. The site retains copyright for those images created for Oddx.com.

Is it Photoshop?
None of the images should be taken as proof of anything. They are presented for purely illustrative purposes. As an aside, any image or video you see on the internet should be viewed with some suspicion until its provenance can be checked

Hope you find some things that make you pause and think. Do not worry about your privacy while visiting here. The articles are copyrighted and yes it’s Photoshopped.

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