The Oak Island Money Pit

Oak Island

The Oak Island Money Pit has been the fascination of aspiring treasure hunters for more than 200 years. This mysterious site is located in an area on the eastern part of Oak Island, a heavily wooded 140-acre tract of land ...

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What is a Woodwose?


The woodwose, also known as the wodewose or the “wild man of the woods”, is a popular mythical creature that appears in the literature, artwork and architecture of medieval Europe. The abundance of folklore and alleged first-hand reports of encounters ...

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The Green Children of Woolpit

Green Children Woolpit

The story of the green children of Woolpit is one of the most peculiar paranormal legends to come out of the Middle Ages. Although the story reads like somewhat of a mythical English fairy tale, there are quite a few ...

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Who Were the Annunaki?

Bronze figurine of goddess Tushpuea

The Annunaki (also referred to as the Annunaku or Annuna) are a collective of dieties attributed primarily to the ancient Sumerian culture of Mesopotamia, although similar references exist in the writings of the ancient Akkadian, Babylonian and Syrian cultures as ...

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Black Knight Satellite


The Black Knight Satellite has been the subject of much debate and speculation among conspiracy theorist for several decades now. According to the most prominent theories, the Black Knight is a dark-colored satellite of unknown origin that has been in ...

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Kinross Incident

Felix Eugene Moncla Jr Memorial Plaque

The idea of a fighter jet disappearing while attempting to pursue a UFO seems like a plot from a movie, but the Kinross Incident is a well-documented real-life account of that very scenario. The Kinross Incident refers to the mysterious ...

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